The Institute Executive Program

Acquire valuable experience

The Institute’s Executive Program is designed to provide you with personal financial planning knowledge that complements your academic training and experience. This is an entirely virtual program, so you can complete it at your own pace based on your schedule.

This is one of the options, along with the equivalency exam, available to those who qualify for Category II, III, or IV academic equivalency. It is the only option for those who qualify for Category Va or Vb equivalency.

The program consists of six course modules, offered in French only, covering the seven areas of financial planning. Each module requires approximately 24 hours to complete and includes videos, readings, exercises, and multiple-choice questions. After each module, you must pass a 3-hour closed-book virtual exam in your choice of English or French.

Modules may also be taken individually by candidates seeking academic equivalency who have failed one or more areas of the equivalency exam.