About us

The IQPF becomes the Institute

In 2023, in keeping with its new mission and vision, the Institut québécois de planification financière became the Institute of Financial Planning, affirming its goal to extend its reach beyond borders and reinforce its status as an industry reference. Quebec’s financial planning model has a proven track record, and the Institute, as it is now known, has the potential to attract students from all over the world. This change also responds to a need for a clear brand identity and improved brand awareness in a competitive environment where acronyms with the letter Q can easily be confused with one another.

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As the leader in developing and promoting personal financial planning, ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s financial services professionals have the knowledge, the know-how and the social skills required to contribute to the financial well-being of people, families, and communities.


Be the front-runner in personal financial planning education, recognized as a world-class teaching institute by both professionals and employers.


The Institute relies on the following values to achieve its mission:


For us, excellence is not perfection.

It is knowing how to adapt to people, resources, needs, and circumstances, with ingenuity and sensitivity.

It is being in solution mode and exploring new paths, despite difficulties or obstacles.

It is a quest for optimization, with the flexibility required to face the challenges of our time.


Our leadership is not complicated: we like to facilitate finances, learning, meetings, exchanges, and much more.

We consult. We share. We mobilize.

We work together to get things moving.

We don't just invite people to the party: we ask them to dance.

And we like to think that this spirit of co-creation rubs off a little on our partners.


Our intentions are clear: to create value, with people at the centre of it all.

We listen to others because we believe that everyone deserves to be heard.

We are passionate about relationships.

Not just because we’re supposed to be but because they inspire us.

Because we believe that everyone is part of the solution.

And because we thrive by helping others thrive.


With the financial well-being of people, families, and communities as our shared mission, we cultivate our passion for the client experience and financial planning.

We’re here because we are sold on the idea!

Our zeal and engagement are hard to hide because we put our hearts into everything we do.

We explore, we learn, we adapt.

And we contribute to something bigger than ourselves.


We do not take our knowledge and our certainties for granted.

We keep our minds open, because we want our products and services to be perceived as evolving, relevant, and welcoming.

Our creativity is rigorous, but we’re not afraid to question ourselves when necessary.

This gives us the means and the space needed to rethink our methods, which ensures that we walk our talk.