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Why become an F.Pl.?

Becoming a financial planner (F.Pl.) is ideal if you are passionate about finance, love working with people, and are looking for the following:


A good salary

You can work as a salaried employee, with or without commissions, or be self-employed and charge a fee. Nearly 70% of F.Pl.’s report earning $80,000 or more per year¹.



Financial planning involves using your professional judgment to analyze cases individually rather than taking a blanket approach.



You can work on your own or as part of a team, as a freelancer or an employee, and for a small company or a major international corporation.


Human relations

Financial planning is about developing relationships, building trust, and helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

What path should you take?

For help deciding what and where to study, consult the list of university programs recognized by the Institute. If you’re already in university, answer the following questions to find out what training or experience will help you land your dream job as an F.Pl.

Discover your path to financial planning


Have you completed a university program in Canada or a university program abroad that is recognized in Québec?

A rewarding profession

Did you know?
The majority of Quebecers (68%2) believe they lack the knowledge to plan their own financial futures, while 44%3 have no financial plan at all.

Being an F.Pl. is an opportunity to do the following:

  • Improve people’s lives
  • Combine your knack for numbers with your listening skills
  • Help others with their finances
  • Pursue lifelong learning
  • Find professional fulfillment!



1 Based on a survey of financial planners conducted by the Institute in March 2023.

2 Based on a survey conducted by the Institute during Financial Planning Week in 2021.

3 Based on a survey of Quebecers on their financial planning habits and knowledge, conducted by TACT on behalf of the Institute between October 27 and November 2, 2022.