I am a professional

Why become an F.Pl.?

Are you a good listener and interested in finance? Whether you’re changing careers or looking to enhance your skill set to better serve your clients, becoming a financial planner (F.Pl.) is sure to meet your needs and aspirations.


Help people with their finances

Having the title of F.Pl. boosts your credibility. It facilitates trusted relationships, which allows you to help more people achieve their goals and dreams.


Earn more income and gain flexibility

You can work alone, with a team, for yourself, on commission, as an employee, and in a small or a large company. Nearly 70% of F.Pl.’s report earning $80,000 or more per year.1


Make a tangible impact every day

You will use your professional judgment to analyze cases individually and propose tailored solutions. You’ll have a front-row seat to your clients’ success as they accomplish their dream projects.


Multiply your professional opportunities

Being an F.Pl. enables you to help your clients with all aspects of financial planning. You’ll become a specialist in applying multiple fields of expertise to different life situations.

What path should you take?

Find out what training or experience you need to become an F.Pl. by answering the following questions.

Discover your path to financial planning


Have you completed a university program in Canada or a university program abroad that is recognized in Québec?

A profession within your reach

Did you know?

The majority of F.Pl.’s (78.7%) are aged 45 and over, and 89.1% of them hold another title or licence.2 It’s never too late to choose your dream job!

To succeed as an F.Pl., it’s important to have the following:

  • A love of numbers
  • Listening skills
  • A desire to help people
  • A thirst for learning
  • The ability to work independently
  • A desire to take your career to the next level!



1 Based on a survey of financial planners conducted by the Institute in March 2023.

2 Based on a survey conducted by the Institute during Financial Planning Week in 2021.