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Chantal Lamoureux

Chantal Lamoureux, LL.B., CRHA, Distinction Fellow, ICD.D, is the president, CEO, and secretary of the Institute of Financial Planning (Institute). She joined the Institute in 2020.

Chantal has many years of experience as a human resources manager for large private and public companies. With a bachelor’s degree in law and graduate studies in educational technology, she also has a strong background in training development.

In addition to her professional activities, Chantal Lamoureux has been involved with various associations over the years, serving as vice-chair of the Musée de la civilisation’s board of directors since January 2022, board chair for KSO Inc. since July 2022, and a director on the board of the Literacy Foundation since June 2023.

Chantal has likewise been a conference host and speaker since 1996, giving dozens of presentations to human resources experts on a variety of subjects and hosting several major events for human resources professionals.

The Institute’s purpose

The Institute of Financial Planning is first and foremost a training institute focused on what it does best, providing financial planning education.

The Institute makes the same promise to financial planners that they do to their clients: to be a resource and ally they can count on to help them achieve their goals and grow—in this case, in their careers. The Institute also pledges to remain receptive, accessible, and proactive in order to meet their needs for ongoing training and support.

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The Institute of Financial Planning’s logo consists of two elements, the P/F icon and the name.

Institute of Financial Planning

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