The Institute Equivalency Exam

Verify your knowledge

This is one option, along with the Executive Program, for those who qualify for Category II, III, or IV academic equivalency. It may be appropriate for you if you are self-taught and already have a good knowledge of most of the seven areas of personal financial planning.

This closed-book exam takes place on a date agreed to by you and the Institute. It is multiple choice and is divided into seven sections, one for each of the seven areas of financial planning (legal matters, insurance and risk management, finances, taxation, investments, retirement planning, and estate planning)

These questions help us verify your knowledge and identify the area(s) in which you need to progress in order to take the Professional Training Course, which puts theory into practice through case studies.

To pass the exam, you must score at least 70% in each area of expertise. If you do not obtain a passing grade in one or more of the areas, you will have to complete the Executive Program or a university course in each of the failed areas before you can enroll in the Professional Training Course.

Costs of the Equivalency Exam

Prices are subject to change without notice and include taxes.

Application and file analysis fee


Non-refundable, to be paid again after 2 years of inactivity.

Exam fees


Exam rescheduling or cancellation fee


La Collection de l’IQPF


Main reference book, available in French only.

The content of La Collection de l'IQPF is available online on the Solution de l'Institut.