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Published three times a year (February, June, and October), La Cible is a magazine for financial planners affiliated with the Institute. Every issue of La Cible comes with a questionnaire entitling readers to free professional development units (PDUs).

Over the course of one training cycle, the Institute publishes five issues worth 3 PDUs each in one or more financial planning areas (SFPA), and one issue worth 5 PDUs in SC. What’s more, each issue of La Cible features tax articles by the Association de planification fiscale et financière that entitle you to an additional PDU in SFPA when you complete the related questionnaires. The magazine is thus a great tool for meeting professional development requirements!

Registration to La Cible PDU questionnaires is free of charge for anyone who has an Unlimited Bundle or a Regular Bundle. Otherwise, registration to each questionnaire is $70 plus taxes.

Please note: PDU questionnaires are valid until the end of the current training cycle (i.e., November 30, 2025). Those published in previous cycles are no longer valid.

La Cible

June 2024

Latest edition

Développer les compétences, les clés de la création de valeur pour la clientèle
VOL. 32 / NUMÉRO 2

Institute accreditation
Accreditation number: IQPF24-06-0001-F

CSF accreditation 
2 PDUs in general subjects 
1 PDU in mutual funds
Accreditation: CSF24-06-62252

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